Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Worldwide Odd

The comic was released a couple of weeks ago after being successfully funded on Kickstarter. It is titled Worldwide Odd and is an anthology horror series that twists the convention on such tropes as the horror host. Specifically, Worldwide Odd's host isn't self aware (like, say, the Crypt-Keeper) and is part of a larger, ongoing arc that is the core of the series. The two to three horror tales that appear in each issue are the peripheral to the host's. It is a contemporary update also in that the horror host presents his stories via a blog, called Worldwide Odd, that represents his research into paranormal events around the world. We affectionately call the host the Blog-Keeper.

The first two issues are now available…

A man obsessed with stories of the supernatural and paranormal starts a blog, Worldwide Odd, to share his research. The world must know that the monsters are real! 

As his obsession grows, so too does his introversion and paranoia - and Worldwide Odd's popularity. 

But what happened in his past that has him fixated on the unknown, and more importantly, where is it taking him? And who's that watching  from the shadows?

And issue 2…

The Blogkeeper gets a shocking email questioning one of the stories he reported on his blog, Worldwide Odd. Someone from his past sends an eerie hello. 

Three tales of doom and suspense fill in the dark spaces of the second issue of this horror anthology.

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