Sunday, April 5, 2015

Road Kill

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In the small town of Hell, Michigan everyone knows the name "Andy Peterson".  He was a man obsessed with drilling oil, or so the story goes.   An obsession that eventually drove him mad, killing his wife and daughter before finally turning the chainsaw on himself. 

That's the story the locals will tell you, but no one really knows what drove him mad. 
Fast Forward 67 years...

Lydia DeSoto is coming home to Hell to plan the wedding to her fiance, Jay.  However, her homecoming soon becomes horrifying when Jay ingests a killer parasite.  Jay quickly loses control unleashing a killing spree on the town.  Now Lydia must battle the one she loves to save the town. 

Road Kill is a Hot Rod / Sci Fi / Creature Feature set in America's hot rod heartland. The story is best described as The Exorcist meets American Graffitti on the Highway to Hell complicated by a three way romance. With qualities everyone can enjoy; compelling story, intriguing characters, hot rod action and a creature that will turn you inside out.

Written and directed by: Konstantinos (Dino) Kovas

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