Thursday, June 4, 2015

The House of Screaming Death

On a dark and stormy night, a collector of the macabre will bring together four tales of pulse pounding terror from through the ages...and all of them associated with the strange house he presently takes up residence in.

Echoing the eerie & distinctive British style, tone and atmosphere of past celebrated UK Gothic Horror films of the past, The House of Screaming Death is a unique anthology chiller that will run shivers down audiences of today!

Now in deep pre-production, the film employs elements of 1960-70s terror and involves four eerie stories each with different characters and events, but all told by a mysterious stranger, the Architect, a mysterious stranger & collector of books. The character is the core part of the film, and introduces the tales we see in the movie in front of a silent audience in an old abandoned house one stormy evening.

“Great cinematography…superb acting…make a reservation to see this film soon. You will not be disappointed!” Midlands Movies

“Unpretentious, stark and heart warming…the film and the actors – amazing!!!” 2014 Reel Desires: Chennai International Queer Film Festival

"Remarkable! Unique! Outstanding!" From some "of the world's most innovative and talented contemporary film-makers" London Film Awards

Writers, and directors include: Troy Dennison, Mark Lees, Rebecca Harris-Smith, Dave Hastings, Alex Bourne, and Kaushy Patel

Starring: Tony Gibbons, Craig Edwards, Laura Jayne Evenson, Brett Dewsbury, Ernest Vernon, and Charles O’Neill

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