Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Catalyst Series

If Pretty Little Liars and I Know What You Did Last Summer had a love child, it would be CATALYST Series. An LGBT suspenseful thriller centered around a murder mystery. When a group of friends decide to venture out into the woods to shoot a horror film, one of them ends up dead. But its not long before we learn the victims death was no accident. How well do you know your friends!? Murder knocks out the competition in this high tension drama. 

An aspiring filmmaker and social outcast, Max Montgomery (Terrence Edmonds), gains popularity when creating his entry film for college. But when a horrible freak accident on set claims the life of Queen Bee Julie Bordner (Monique Marie Gelineau), Max and his friends quickly realize their friend's death was no accident. Out of fear they decide to pretend it never happened. But secrets have a way of getting out. Now someone is taking on the persona of Max’s fictional Ventriloquist killer to make them pay for their sins. Could it be Madison Sinclair (Bianca Magick), the girl who takes Julie’s place in the social hierarchy? Bradley Roster (Zach Gillette), the emotionally unattached boyfriend? Or possibly famous actor Austin Gideon (Vince Hill-Bedford), Max’s secret gay lover? Max must solve the mystery of who is to blame before he’s set up to take the fall. How well do you know your friends?

Check out the pilot episode…

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