Tuesday, June 30, 2015

VAMPYRES Book is Now Available

VAMPYRES the innovative horror movie, produced in Britain and directed by the Spanish emigrated-to-England José Larraz, was premiered in UK in 1974 and one year later in USA. The movie told the story of two insatiable women who recruited travellers for blood and sex orgies, in which the newcomers bled to death. VAMPYRES was a successful flick and today it is a cult movie. Forty years after, José Ramón Larraz took part as a promoter and screenwriter in a new view of that story called VAMPYRES, but this time directed by Víctor Matellano.

A new book tells about the origin of that witch story for adults, full of violence, blood and sex, reviewing both versions from 1975 and 2015.

This bilingual (English-Spanish) publication includes the original screenplay from 1974 by José Ramón Larraz, a prologue written  by one of the movie main stars Caroline Munro (MANIAC, CAPTAIN KRONOS: VAMPYRE HUNTER, DRACULA A.D. 1972), and also articles about the movie by several writers: the cult actress Lone Fleming (TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD) and the FX magician Colin Arthur (THE NEVERENDING STORY), who was in charge of FX and make-up in both films, Carlos Díaz Maroto, the screenwriter Ángel Agudo, Ángel Mora producer executive and also the ones by the directors José Ramón Larraz and Víctor Matellano. A lot of graphic material can be found inside together with the cover created by Daniel Fumero.

Víctor Matellano’s VAMPYRES will be shown in the following months. It is produced by Artistic Films and starred by Caroline Munro, Christian Stamm, Veronica Bacorn, Marta Flich, Anthony Rotsa, Víctor Vidal, Almudena León and Luis Hacha. There are also contributions from euro-cult figures such as Lone Fleming, Fele Martínez (OPEN YOUR EYES), May Heatherly (PIECES), Antonio Mayans (NIGHTMARE CITY) and Conrado San Martín (THE AUWFUL DR. ORLOFF)

The book is published by Sial-Pigmalión and it can be bought here:

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