Monday, June 22, 2015


ROWS is a gothic fantasy thriller inspired by Grimm’s Tales.

A young woman, ROSE, working a summer job for her father’s land development company, is tasked to deliver an eviction notice to a reclusive old woman living in a ramshackle farm house. The woman is an enchantress with strange powers, who must preserve the old house: it holds the secret to her immortality. The enchantress puts Rose under a spell. Rose and her friend Greta become lost in a seemingly infinite cornfield and must repeat a series of surreal or terrifying events in order to solve the mystery and break the spell. In the process, Rose’s father is drawn into the mystery, and Rose’s relationship to her father is tested. A series of shocking reversals builds to a haunting climax.

Starring: Hannah Schick, Lauren Lakis, Kenneth Hughes, Joe Basile, and Nancy Murray

Written and directed by: David W. Warfield

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