Thursday, June 18, 2015

Eden Underground

From the Bram Stoker Awards® nominee Alessandro Manzetti comes a new dark poetry collection. Eden Underground is a surreal journey into obsessions and aberrations of the modern world, into the solitude of the men in front of their darker side, which often takes control of the situation.

"The Dark Gates by Alessandro Manzetti and Paolo Di Orazio, with its Italian perspective / viewpoint is a compelling treat for the discerning American reader. Literary but shocking stories, full of surprises. Highly recommended." - Gene O'Neill, author of The Burden of Indigo

"Venus Intervention is proof enough that this is truly the golden age of horror poetry. Alessandro Manzetti's dark and terrifying poetry will be the stuff of nightmares for generations to come."
– Rober Payne Cabeen, author of Fearworms

"The works by Alessandro Manzetti are exciting and clever. Anything he writes is a must-read.” 
– Jeani Rector, Editor, The Horror Zine

"Two magnetic poetic talents explore the multiple forms of Venus and her terrible beauty. From ‘Clara Venus’ (Manzetti): “Venus arrives, finally/with all her perfect polymers.” Such lines take my breath away! Highly recommended."
 – Marge Simon, author of the Stoker winning collection Vampires, Zombies & Wanton Souls

Coming in July from Crystal Lake Publishing

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