Monday, June 22, 2015

Into Oblivion

Terrence, an attorney suffering from alcoholism, is celebrating - alone - for closing in on an international client.  He awakes trapped in a hospital room.  His legs broken; his spirit shattered.  Terrence only has five days before the client leaves, and he can get the contract signed.  He meets a young cancer patient (Sarah) who tries to help him grow and block out his darkness. Instead, Terrence uses her as the only chance to escape.  As his darkness deepens, Terrence's journey becomes more bleak and his goal of escaping is getting harder to attain.

Here’s a look at two of the characters:

Terrence: Late twenties.  He left home at an early age.  Surrounded by death at such an early age leaves him with the inability to maintain a proper relationship with anyone.  Consistently blocks out family members from his life.  This lack of connection has left him with a competitive nature, tearing through any task placed in front of him.  

Sarah: Early twenties, a mysterious woman who has been diagnosed with leukemia.  Parents have left her in the hospital to deal with her own demise. With all the previous, she STILL maintains an optimisitic view of the world.  Has been in the hospital for so long, she forgets about life on the outside.

'Into Oblivion' is a screenplay by Greg Justin Hall. He’s trying to raise money for the opportunity to produce and direct 'Into Oblivion' through GoFundMe. He’s also posting parts of the script for you to check out. Please visit his campaign, and help him bring his work to horror fans!

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