Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Night Keep: Podcast

The Night Keep is a new website devoted to horror - but mainly as a focal point for the new line of horror musick. The Night Keep was formed by J. Daniel Edenfield (composer, musician, writer for Throne of Anguish, and Sinnestar) as a way to branch out from the metal genres of music and focus more on his storytelling. For the fans of Throne of Anguish, namely its classical dark ambient albums, "Shade of Night" and "A Tale of Shadows", The Night Keep is where you will now find all the Cinematic Dark Musick.

The Night Keep Podcast is a multi-faceted tool mainly used a platform for Daniel to voice his varying opinions on horror in media. Another purpose for the podcast is to help give voice to the independent producers of horror - filmmakers, writers, musicians, artists - all are welcome onto the podcast. The purpose of the podcast is not to bash or belittle indie releases - that luxury is reserved for the established "big budget" studios who are capable of withstanding scrutiny. 

Check out some recent episodes…

Welcome to The Night Keep. In this episode, I give my brief review on E3, and some of its teases. Although not necessarily horror, I relate the Hype Train of gaming with the genre of horror productions. Notable news topics, RIP Christopher Lee, and a review of "It Follows"... was it worth my time, and possibly yours? Then, I review the book, "Cannibal Metropolis" by Saurav Dutt, and yes, this gory little splatterfest is worth your time. I also give an invitation to horror writers, storytellers, and basically anyone that likes to create horror stories - send me your audio stories, let's put them to music, get some cool horror audio going! I would be more than happy to air the stories as a whole podcast episode. Of course, you would retain all the rights to your stories, as I would the music. It could be fun.

That's right, 6A, as in, The Night Keep is now going bi-monthly. News topics dominate the header of this episode, as well as a nice little discourse on Twin Peaks. Also, I break down a nice little segment on DIY horror, what I do, and some encouragement on your own horror projects. Happy Star Wars Day, and quick review on Death Troopers - zombie fiction in the Star Wars Universe (and yes, and it's actually pretty good).

Here's a breakdown on topics discussed:
RIP Silent Hills
New Clive Barker Scarlet Gospel details
Five Nights at Freddy's movie news!
and a nice, lengthy, spoiler-free discussion on Twin Peaks

And one of these days, I will come up with a better naming & numbering convention. In this episode, I don’t really have a major topic, other than Dark Fantasy Horror… something about which I have intimate knowledge.

I give quick news tidbits concerning Robot Jox on Blu Ray; David Lynch is back with Twin Peaks; a new Nightbreed collected anthology of stories, and Techland halts production on “Hellraid”… my most anticipated game for the year (other than Doom).

I review the movie “Nightlight” – found footage, woods, spooky stuff happens; is it worth your time?

Then a nice little monologue on inspirations I gather for horror, namely Dark Fantasy Horror, and the tragic lack of quality horror in fantasy settings. I mention such notable titles as AD&D Ravenloft, World of Darkness’ Vampire: The Masqerade, Heretic, Castlevania, and the tragically abandoned game “Witchaven”.

Enjoy the horror, and hopefully you will enjoy the ramblings. I sample some of my previous audio narrative works from my album “A Tale of Shadows”.

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