Monday, June 15, 2015

More about "The Wendigo"

The dig site is 8000 years old. It predates Mesopotamian and Egyptian cultures. It could be one of the most important archaeological finds in history.

The Great Old Ones predate the Algonquin and Ojibwe. The later tribes have secret sects within them that broke from normal tribal custom to worship the Great Old Ones. Their practices were taboo. These included cannibalism.

Whitford's career and funding may be on the line. So he wants this site to create a name for himself. He is willing to use the past relationship with Hastings, and the talents of the unstable Dubrow to help him get what he wants.

Nadie's knowledge of her culture and her fascination with its lore create tension within her and are exploited by Whitford. She feels compelled to learn more and become physically closer to her ancestors, but is uncomfortable with disturbing sites of native heritage.

During the dig, an area is uncovered where it becomes evident that human sacrifice and cannibalism took place. This creates a schism between those who feel this new perspective on the most ancient Americans is important, those who wish to bury it to preserve the perception of native "nobility" and pacifism, and those who feel something is very wrong and feels extremely unsettling at the dig site.

As these divisions begin to cause rifts, differing selfish agendas emerge within the characters, and the dynamics begin to change as greed, lust and rage begin to infect them. They start to mimic ancient rituals and give control over to the very place itself.

Nadie knows that an ancient evil is trying to tear its way back into the world, and attempts to warn the others to regain control, which creates chaos as the team scatters through the woods, only to encounter the manifestation of their dark intentions, a malevolent spirit whose sole purpose is to devour their bodies and souls: the Wendigo! 

Starring: Max Masa, Natalie Pagano, Alexander Emmert, Mark Marcarian, Tom Schmitt, Krista Robelle, Melissa O’Donnell, Ivy Subler, Tammy Jean, and Dina Melograna

Original story and characters by: Alexander Emmert

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