Sunday, June 28, 2015

First Teaser Trailer from Horror Flick MASSACRE Featuring Members of Billy Idol, Samhain, Marilyn Manson

The first teaser trailer from DEATHAUS FILMS’ bloody horror short MASSACRE, has just been released via the film’s Youtube account today. The film features rockstar cameos galore, with the two male leads being played by LONDON MAY (Samhain), and BILLY MORRISON (Billy Idol, The Cult). But if two rockstars wasn’t enough, the film also features a brief guest appearance by JEORDIE WHITE (Marilyn Manson) as a Street Detective, ROB PATTERSON (ex-Korn, Filter, Otep) as a police officer and JEFF HILLIARD (‘The Good life’) as a criminal. The music for the film was also composed by JEORDIE WHITE & ROB PATTERSON, and features a track from artist and musician SHANNON CRAWFORD.

Directed by award-winning director ERIK BOCCIO (Pussy Riot’s ‘Putin Lights Up the Fires’ video/prolific Director under the moniker ‘Weird Fellas’), produced by Damian Lea (Cemetery Gates) and New Zealand-born writer, actress and Suicide Girl, PANDIE SUICIDE (Ditch Day Massacre, David Lynch’s “Crazy Clown Time”), the film centers around Marianne James, a girl who wakes up at the site of a bloody mass murder and can’t remember what happened. 

The lead roles see quite a departure in looks and roles for some of the actors with heavily tattooed PANDIE SUICIDE and BILLY MORRISON playing much more conservative looking characters, and the former almost unrecognizable in blonde locks. LONDON MAYalso has a bit of a change from his usual black and sometimes bloody get up in post-Misfits/ pre-Danzig punk rock outfit SAMHAIN as the hardened Detective, but fear not, there will definitely be blood aplenty for the slasher fans in this bloody little flick. 

The film was shot on the Epic Red Dragon camera by Director of Photography EVAN PESSES (Pussy Riot ‘Putin Light Up the Fires’) and was edited in New Zealand by GREG DANIELS (‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’). The film also features an appearance from KATY FOLEY (Ditch Day Massacre). Stay tuned for the debut of the film a little later in 2015, but for now, readers can check out the .25 sec teaser trailer below!

Official Twitter/ Instagram: @MassacreMovie

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