Monday, June 29, 2015

Tales from The Book of Dark Magic & Nephilim Rising

Tales From The Book Of Dark Magic is a collection of short terrifying stories by C.R.Sztaba.

"The new name in horror" from Kensington Gore's Hammered Horror publishing company.

Read, if you dare," The Unicorn Surgeon". A story about a man who likes to operate on his victims in the most diabolical way.

Or, "The Little People". the creepy tale of a family who discover with terrifying consequences that their new home has unwanted guests hiding in the cellar.

These stories will have you checking every room in the house and every dark corner of your mind.

"Mister Sandman" might never let you sleep again.

On reflection will you be able to look for the secret behind "The Mirror Never Lies."

C.R. Sztaba's Tales From The Book Of Dark Magic contains eighteen terrifying, gruesome and glory tales to make sure you never sleep without the light on ever again. 

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And then check out Nephilim Rising…

The fate of the world is at stake…

Alicia is a woman who discovers after many years she has a secret half-brother. He is handsome, mysterious and rich.

However, when he insists she move to Geneva to live in his lavish Chateau, she discovers he has an ulterior motive for seeking her out after all these years.

This story uncovers the secret world of the Nephilim. A race of half human/half angelic beings. The story follows the ensuing battle between the golden angels of heaven and the dark army of Lucifer to take over the earth and destroy the human race. This book covers romance, drama and horror with nail biting twist and turns throughout. The book takes the reader to unimaginable places where the characters in the book visit heaven, and even hell.

It is a story with a difference that will leave the reader wanting more with every turn of the page.

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  1. brilliant thank you, hope people like what we have done dont forget its English horror so some words translate different to the american market


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