Friday, June 12, 2015


SLAYER is a short horror film that marries the classic 80’s Spielberg / Amblin genre film (Goonies, E.T., Poltergeist) with something much darker and more intense (Let the Right One In). It’s the story of eleven-year-old Kevin Grant - an inventive loner left in an adolescent limbo following the tragic death of his mother. One fateful night he witnesses the resurrection of an ancient evil in the form of a masked, scythe-weilding WICKED WITCH. 

After the police refuse to believe Kevin’s story and children begin to go missing, our young hero realizes it is up to him to SLAY THE WITCH. With only his BMX bike, BB Gun and a handful of ninja stars, Kevin enters the dark woods to do the job. A heart-pounding adventure ensues, pitting the hopeful innocence of a child against an unstoppable evil.

So grab your bike and strap on your BB gun, because we’re going into the woods.  And we’re not coming back until that WITCH - IS - DEAD.

Written and directed by: Justin Staggs

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  1. The concept is pretty cool, but the price is a bit high in my opinion. $40,000, yikes. Even "Being" with Lance Hendrikson is only asking $20,000. Still, good luck to them. I'd like to see the finished product.


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