Friday, June 5, 2015

MP2V The Series

MP2V creates a new medium of virtual terror, bridging the gap between current entertainment and virtual reality. MP2V.COM picks up where the film leaves off because we believe fact gathering, identifying, and real-time social collaboration will help create the next genre in feature film. Follow from start to finish, (or is it?), the trail of two heinous criminals on their trail of human terror as they encounter all sorts repulsive situations. You won't know what’s coming next - because even they don't. Conclude with them as they reach their destined end.....or is it?

Join us each week as we follow the two maniacs.
See life....and death....from the perspectives of the victims themselves. 
Follow along on your TV, laptop, phone or tablet as the killers reveal clips that have never been seen before.
Weekly clues reveal the past, the present.... and the future. And allow YOU the viewer to either help catch them, or become a victim yourself.

Starring: Rob Medaska, and Jules Graciolett

Directed by: Rob Medaska

Written by: Charles Scott, Jules Graciolett, and Rob Medaska

Check out this first look at the series…

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