Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mutant Derby League

Mutant Derby League was born from a combined passion for horror movies, haunted houses, video games, and extreme sports. Nurtured with a love for roller derby and special FX props and effects fabrication, these mutants grew into the twisted, hideous competitors that you will see unleashed on the field of battle. We combine gore, comedy, violence, and sport to create a spectacle that must be seen to be believed!!

These despicable, deplorable, disgusting creatures will battle head-to-head in a halftime performance set to debut at the Worcester Roller Derby home game on June 20th, 2015. But just as every Dr.Frankenstein needs his Igor, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Sure, the mutants are dragged out of the lab for free, and we only let them use the rustiest, filthiest, most dangerous weapons and armor they can find in the nearest junkyard, but we gotta teach these monsters to skate and monster skating coaches don't come cheap! Never mind the blood cleanup, the raw meat bills, and extra chains and locks for the cages....

For your donation we offer a list of rewards that are sure to thrill you like tshirts, stickers, tickets to matches, AND every donation no matter how large or small gets entered into our raffle for a personalized video message from the monsters to you or the victim of your choice. Want a terrifying 'Happy Birthday' video for Grandma? How about a fun way to tell the world Uncle Jeff has finally made parole?? With every donation your raffle ticket guarantees you the chance to work our monsters like the evil puppetmaster you are. 

If you love gore, bloodshed, monsters, mutants, babes, big weapons, bigger idiots, and a bit of the ol' ultraviolence then please, PLEASE-- SHARE AND DONATE NOW!! We need your help, don't make us come find you....

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