Sunday, June 14, 2015

WolfCop 2

Here comes the fuzz…AGAIN!!!

Everyone should know about “WolfCop” by now! If not, then...

Click here to check out our promotion for the movie.

Click here to check out our interview with Lowell Dean.

Click here to read our review of “WolfCop” via HorrO’s Gory Reviews

For more information, please visit:

Hopefully that convinced you to check out the movie, and now you’re all caught up for part 2! That’s right part 2 is on the way, and they're looking to take WolfCop to a whole new level by adding a celebrity picked by WolfCop fans! Here’s writer/director Lowell Dean to give you all of the details…

Click here to make a pledge to this campaign, and pick who you want to appear in WolfCop 2! There are plenty of awesome perks like…

And don't forget that once you’ve made your 3 dream choices, blast them out over Twitter using the official Twitter handle of your hero, @WOLFCOPTheMovie and #WolfCop2Hero (example: I need RDJ in WolfCop 2 like I need air to breathe! @RobertDowneyJr @WOLFCOPTheMovie#WolfCop2Hero)

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