Monday, June 1, 2015

La Llorona Play at the Hollywood Fringe in June

Hispanic legend LA LLORONA haunts the Hollywood Fringe!

From writer/producer Matt DeNoto comes the world premiere of his new play LA LLORONA at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.  A terrifying new take on the classic Latino myth, LA LLORONA tells the story of beautiful Maria, who centuries ago was driven by madness to commit an unthinkable act.  An act so horrific it damns her soul to walk the earth forever, terrorizing children even today.

Lead by award-winning actress Martina Medina (who has performed extensively in Mexico and Spain), the cast of LA LLORONA brings a welcome dose of diversity to this year’s Fringe, featuring Joaquin Camilo, Jahel Corbán Caldera, Rehyan Rivera, Caroline Montes, Andres Miranda, Dolores Quintana, Amanda Newman, Lakshika DeSilva, and Abel Horwitz.

Directed and produced by Kathryn Mayer, who has a BA in Spanish language and literature.  She has worked as a professional actor in Michigan, Illinois and New York, and performed classic theatre in Greece, including the role of Andromache in THE TROJAN WOMEN.

DeNoto previously wrote HEMOPHELIA’S HOUSE OF HORRORS, which ran at the 2013 Hollywood Fringe through The Visceral Company.  He is also the writer and producer of the wildly popular parody webseries HARRY POTTER AND THE TEN YEARS LATER, available on YouTube.  His horror short DEFENSE MECHANISM won Best In Show at the Pensacon Film Festival earlier this year.

LA LLORONA premieres Saturday, June 13 at Theatre of NOTE, 1517 N Cahuenga Blvd.

Sat, 6/13 @ 4:30pm – Pay What You Can
Wed, 6/17 @ 9:00pm - $10
Fri, 6/26 @ 9:00pm - $10
Sat, 6/27 @ 9:00pm - $10


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