Wednesday, May 6, 2015


John Stramen is a writer who struggles to come up with an idea for his next novel after his break-out hit ‘Dark Strings’.
He lives in a secluded mountainous village with his dog and works as a woodchopper during the day to pay the bills. He moved there after the death of his wife, hoping he would find inspiration and peace.

He spends most of his nights sketching a cloaked figure he saw in his dreams, and believes to be haunted by it as he continuously sees it in the forest and around his house. All the while, he has become victim of childish pranks that seem to get more violent and extreme by the day. He begins to suspect that a secret from his past has come back to punish him and he becomes increasingly paranoid that one of the villagers is out to get him.
Woods is a film that plays with the themes of paranoia and guilt, and shows in an extreme way what people do to and for the people we love.
Starring: Dave Clark, Eva Larvoire, Ted Otis, Colin Wenger, and Jana Kalalova
Directed by: Sean van Leijenhorst
Sean is a Dutch/Irish filmmaker currently in his graduation year from the Prague Film School. Woods will be his graduation film but aims to be a grandiose and professional film. Woods will be the director's follow-up to the successful short horror film 'BANSHEE', a film about the infamous Irish legend of the Banshee. It's viewable online here: and has played on various festivals worldwide for over a year now.
Please click the pic, and help bring this movie to horror fans!

There are plenty of awesome perks available to you in return for your support. Here are just a few of them:

-Digital version of the film
-Blu-Ray of the film
-The official poster of the film
-The original masks (2) featured in the film

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