Friday, May 22, 2015

Terror Vision Films are Proud to Announce Feed The Black

Terror Vision Films are proud to announce Feed The Black, a short gothic horror film, starring Tyler Berry and directed by Klayton Dean

Feed the Black is the story of a nameless young woman who while dealing with the loss of her mother, is torn between two worlds, one of good and one of evil. She turns to drugs in her weak state and during an overdose, she is faced with her final judgement. For the better of mankind, she will have to make a choice. Her choice, a predetermined path to darkness.

Tyler Berry in her acting debut, stars in this movie.

Tagline - "Will you, Feed The Black" 


At its core, Feed the Black is a non conventional love story and tale of morality told in a grim horror film. We have created a dream like fantasy world of macabre creatures and morbid visions as the setting for this movie.

As this movie will be silent, we plan to fill every frame with memorable visions of ecstasy and ghastly soundscapes.
We are all faced with the choice of right and wrong, it's up to us to make
the conscious decision. What one person may find stunning is another persons nightmare. What some may find sanctuary in, some would consider hell.

Director Statement

"This film is truly a passion piece and one that I have dedicated a lot of time on. From the colours that will daze your visions to the sounds that will invoke terror. This will be an extraordinary test of the senses in which I welcome you all to join." -Klayton Dean 

Official "FEED THE BLACK" Teaser Trailer:
Official FaceBook Page:
Official Website:

Currently raising production budget through Kickstarter, link here:

To be released and distributed by Terror Visions, October 2015:

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