Tuesday, May 12, 2015

American Badass

Ron Watson wakes up one day to find himself dead. Yes, after an unplanned and unfortunate meeting on a Colorado highway with a semi-trailer truck carrying disposable diapers for orphaned babies, Ron Watson is now an everyday, run-of-the-mill divorced American zombie, with exactly two thoughts in his head: “Brains!” and “Vegas!”

Sin City, land of dreamers, where Ron Watson goes to dream of being human again and to fit in amongst the drunken tourists, down-on-their-luck beggars and lights so bright that nobody will notice a zombie shuffling around.

But Las Vegas has other plans for Ron, as it often does for its visitors, and once there he discovers that he may not be the Last Zombie Standing, becomes an Internet meme for no reason at all, and gets drunk, laid, and fed...all while struggling with age old questions: Can a zombie date a human without wanting to turn the human into a meal? Can a zombie be an adequate parent? Do zombie joke punchlines translate in a human world? Is modern celebrity status as vacuous, hollow, and fleeting as it appears?

And most importantly, is it better to be human or zombie? The answer may surprise you.

Check out what people are saying about this book…

"We laugh too because this book is hilarious to the point of being painful."

"I love how this manages to combine zombies and humor without going into B movie camp realm. The delivery is spot on, and zombie Ron is unlike any other character I've come across. It made for a very enjoyable, entertaining read."

"American Badass is a crazy, hilarious, well written zombie comedy. It's also unlike any zombie novel I've ever read, and I've read a lot of them."

"The story is fresh and imaginative and the comedy will keep you laughing!"

"I highly recommend this book to lovers of humor and horror. The author takes a lot of the Zombie mythology and flips it on its ear but keeps the best parts for genre lovers to enjoy. This was a great read."

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About the author:

Jeff Chacon is the author of American Badass, a Vegas ZomCom (a genre Jeff made up) novel and co-author of the cult comedy classic E-Male: Of Mouse and Men. He has appeared on theater and rock and roll stages all over Colorado and California in several productions and bands you've never heard of. He lives with his wife and kids in Denver...and visits Las Vegas. A lot.

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