Friday, May 15, 2015

Goat Wings (Alas de Chivo)

“Goat Wings” tells the grim story of Mr. Alberick a serial rapist and murderer, who one day receives an unexpected visit from a gloomy character who carries a mysterious big wooden box. The content of the box triggers a series of perverse, violent, shocking, aggressive, fantastic and repulsive actions that lead to an unexpected and obscure end.

Created by…

Guillermo E. Fernandez, designer by destiny, illustrator by taste and makeup artist by vocation; horror lover in all artistic expression is co-founder of Corte Colectivo Creativo, a multidisciplinary group that has been responsible for its own film productions, like the short film winner of the Golden Catrina in 2013, "Vivo Muriente (Dying Alive)" by Kristov Manu or Dante Cárdenas’ "Traka Traka" , winner of the 2014 Feratum Tower for the best horror Vine, and the official selection at Morbido Film Fest in 2012 , "Sediente (Tooth-rsty)” by Luis Garcia.

He is also in charge of Corte Special Makeup FX, a branch of the group specifically focused on the area of special makeup fx and practical special effects for film, theater and television, which has gained increasing recognition for its visual and technical quality; as it can be seen in the horror anthology México Bárbaro, in “Siete veces siete (Seven times seven)” segment.

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