Thursday, May 14, 2015

Introducing "The Wendigo"

An archaeological team from an Ivy League school discover something unexpected in their remote forest excavations of an ancient Native American site...

Starring: Max Wasa, Ivy Subler, Dina Melograna, Krista Robelle, Melissa O’Donnell, Mark Marcarian, and Tammy Jean

Written and directed by: Alexander Emmert

Produced by: Body Bag Films & Invictus Films

Currently in production!

For more information, please visit:

You can also find more on Facebook!


  1. Stoked, proud, extremely happy to be part of The Wendigo by Alexander Emmert. Thank you AE. Let the gory show begin

  2. Excellent! I was honored to be on the set on Saturday. Cool cast and crew - and I'll post an article about it soon on!

    1. It was great to meet you Crash your an awesome dude man and a huge help during production!

    2. Thanks so much, Mark! Glad I had the chance to help. It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope to see you again during filming. Much success!

  3. Billy Crash, you always get to do the cool stuff!


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