Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Unhallowed Graves

Oja-ale is the night market run by the dead. Everything can be bought for a deadly price. Alan Pearson is a sceptical British diplomat, contemptuous and dismissive of native superstitions…. Until the day he receives a terrifying purchase from the Night Market, which defies Western science and logic. And Alan must finally confront the chilling truth of Oja-ale - “Night Market - Oja-ale”

A dead child returns to haunt his grieving mother with terrifying consequences
- “The Unclean”

The ghost of a drowned slave is resurrected from his watery grave to exact revenge on the family that betrayed him and sold him into slavery, with tragic consequences
- “Our Bones Shall Rise Again”.

Three chilling stories of revenge by the restless dead buried in Unhallowed Graves by the front-runner of African Horror and author of The Reluctant Dead, Nuzo Onoh. 

Check out this review…

"Another excellent book by this author. Three very different stories that share the recurring themes of her work, jealousy, infidelity, pride... Don't read this on the train to work, you may miss your stop or get angry that you have to work instead of reading. Do read it in the dark, late at night & get creeped out."

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