Thursday, May 28, 2015

Beware of the Klowns

In the small town of Santa Mira, their brave Sheriff is forced to protect his twins, Joy and Lisa, from the terror that is the Klown King and his cult of killer klowns. The Sheriff tries to uphold the town's "clown-law", a ban on all things clown related, plus keep Bobby, the son of a retired clown, away from Lisa. Madness ensues as mass murders occur with the message of Klown Supremacy at the forefront of The Klowns rampage against the town. Can the Sheriff protect his town and his daughters? Will the Klown King succeed with his ultimate goal of Klown Supremacy? Blood, guts, nudity, and violence fill this B-movie inspired film with thrills and chills that will bring you to another time and place.

Starring: David A. Hubert, Mark Conway, Amanda Risinger, Justin Wolters, James Peters, Jordan Cox, Barry Murdock Jr., Adriana Vega, Aaron Hart, Brian Winfield, Simon Barrios, Vinny Prisco, Jason Elkins, Keith Henman

Written and directed by: Tim Wolak

Check out some pics from the movie…

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