Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"On Tender Hooks" Reveals a Subculture of Body Modification Devotees, Endorphin Junkies and Thrill-Seeking Masochists

On Tender Hooks, coming May 19th, reveals a subculture of body modification devotees, endorphin junkies and thrill-seeking masochists

"A truthful, beautiful, spiritual journey"
The Soska Sisters, American Mary

"One for the morbidly curious" 
- Michael Leader, FilmFour

"Knocks seven bells out of most horror films" 
The New Empress Magazine

Warning: The trailer below is graphic... Viewer discretion is advised.

Kate Shenton's eye popping body modification documentary On Tender Hooks will be released on various formats on May 19th. The film that shocked London's FrightFest audience but won the hearts of Canada's outrageous Soska Sisters has been given a street date of May 19th.

On Tender Hooks challenges the perceptions and squeamishness of even the most hardened viewer as the director, Kate Shenton, participates in the art of human body suspension. Whether it's considered disgusting or intriguing, the film is a fascinating look at a subculture many will find bizarre, even frightening.

Bonus Materials: 
Gimp - A Short Film by Kate Shenton
Pig - A Short Film by Kate Shenton
Turn Your Phone Off - Frighfest Short by Kate Shenton
On Tender Hooks - Directors Commentary

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