Monday, May 11, 2015

Or So the Story Goes: Happy Thoughts Episode 1

After a rocky year, the Darling family moves cross-country for a fresh start.  Little do they know their new home is already occupied by the ghosts of a charming yet homicidal teenage boy named Peter and his previous victims. Peter's quick obsession with the oldest daughter Wendy puts the family at grave risk. This brings a band of ghost hunters to the Darling's door, lead by a vengeful leader sought on ridding the ghost that destroyed her life. Time is ticking and it's anyone's game.

Starring: Noah Dunton, Rayna Loos, Melissa Malone, Hank Morris, Joe Lenihan, Abigail Friend, Diann Gogerty, and Bryan Civitarese

Directed by: Theresa Labreglio

Check out the first episode…

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