Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fun Size Horror: Vol 1

Twenty-one twisted tales made from a collective of genre loving filmmakers, Fun Size Horror: Volume One aims to chill and delight horror fans. From classic slashers and creature features, to horror-comedy and hauntings all made into bite size pieces. Like a bag of Halloween candy after a night of trick or treating, Fun Size Horror: Volume One is filled with the unexpected and not without the threat of the occasional razor blade. Which leaves only one question: Trick or treat?

Starring: Lance Reddick, Allie Gonino, Tracie Thoms, and Katie Parker

Produced by: Zeke Pinheiro, Michael May, and Mali Elfman

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Also available at iTunes, XBOX, Playstation, Google Play, and VOD.

Volume Two will be released around Halloween 2015

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