Friday, May 22, 2015

Project Achilles

This indie horror-dark comedy centers on Mike and his family who are swept up in a web of deceit and intrigue by his amoral coworker Gary who carries out a murderous plot of revenge against company insiders who scam employees out of their money.  Upon learning of the scam Mike storms out of a meeting in anger while Gary keeps his cool until he learns one of them is having an affair with his wife, which pushes him over the edge.  Gary gets revenge in the most unorthodox ways, eventually focusing his anger on Mike and his innocent family as they retreat to an isolated cabin in the wilderness.

Starring: Terry Largent, Mike Thorsen,  scream queen Rachel Grubb (The Bitch that Cried Wolf, Zombie Dollz, Cathartic, Strip Club Slasher) and Dani Palmer

Written and directed by Terry Largent, and Mike Thorsen

When we say Project Achilles is a horror-dark comedy film, we mean a VERY dark comedy.  Seriously, when an adulterous man has to have his entire genitalia amputated because of what was sewn into his underwear, humor just doesn't get much darker than that, and rest assured, the cheating wife (Rachel Grubb) gets a similar comeuppance in her hilarious portrayal of Gary’s toxic wife Debbie. 

In his portrayal of the villain Gary Durand, Terry Largent was so creepy, there are people he has never met who are afraid of him and want nothing to do with him, including the wife of the actor who played the role of the cheating coworker who is castrated by what we call "underwear sabotage". 

Echoed in this review…

"Terry Largent is the scariest man on the planet! I would not what this guy mad at me. It takes a sick mind to come up with what he does to the guy who sleeps with his wire. Not sure if I'd call it a thriller or a horror flick, or maybe a dark comedy - clearly intended some humor with what he does to his wife. Low budget, but overall a great movie."

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