Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The British Invade Lovecraftian Shared-World Anthologies with The Outsiders

Inside Priory awaits a lot more than meets the eye. The people might seem friendly, but only because their enigmatic leader Charles Erich accepts nothing less.

The cottages within this gated community seem simple enough, and even though what lurks beneath them is more ancient than mankind itself, can anything be more evil than the people worshipping it?
If you dare follow this UK invasion of five prime authors as they each tell their own story of the people living behind Priory's steel gates and high walls, you'll quickly find yourself an outsider, as well.
The Priory. A community of one mind and purpose. A place of order, commitment, peace, and service. A perfect world, building on mind shattering secrets from beyond the pale. Enter...if you dare.

Introduction by Kevin Lucia
Cover art by award winning artist Ben Baldwin. Edited by Joe Mynhardt.
The Outsiders Lovecraftian Suspense Thriller / Horror in a UK gated community
The Subprime by Gary Fry Impossible Colours by James Everington
Stolen from the Sea by Stephen Bacon Precious Things by V.H. Leslie Meat, Motion, and Light by Rosanne Rabinowitz

“Each author so perfectly captures the atmosphere the others set out to achieve, that it’s difficult to remember this was written by more than one person.” – Zero Signal Magazine

“...heavy atmosphere and an almost palpable air of terror hanging over every page.” –

“...filled with a sense of creeping dread and claustrophobic paranoia that grabs you and won't let go.” – Horror Maiden’s Book Reviews

“Within the pages of “The Outsiders” you will find yourself coming closer to this deity than perhaps you’d wish. Outwardly, the gated community of Priory appears to be the residence to aspire to – safe, quiet and filled with friendly people. Inwardly, it’s a commune more horrific than that led by Charles Manson!” – Naomi DeBruyn –
Linear Reflections

“The Outsiders is an anthology of themed short stories that are centered on the Priory. Priory is a gated community that seems to be an idyllic neighborhood for the rich and pampered but there is much more to the community than meets the eye. Under the leadership of the enigmatic Charles Erich, the community is a conglomeration of simple cottages that speak to a people seeking to live a simple life outside of the complicated world. Underneath the community, however, lurks an ancient monster pulled straight from legend and who is pure evil. The only thing worse than the monster are the people who have dedicated their lives to worshiping it. Welcome to Priory. Only a select few can join the community but no one can get out alive.” –

“Priory is a well-conceived setting and the five writers do a very good job of fleshing it out.” –

“This book is full of scary and disturbing stuff.” –

“The Outsiders has a little bit of everything for fans of Lovecraftian fiction. Ever wonder about the mating habits of Cthulhu? You just may get a glimpse of it here.” –

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