Friday, May 15, 2015

Trailer Time: "P.O.V."

Zack has just been dumped by his girlfriend so in an effort to cheer him up his loose cannon of a big brother Sam decides to throw him an all weekend house party in an old abandoned retirement home he’s been refurbishing. The building has a tainted history. The previous owner believed the residents had become possessed by demons so they trapped everyone inside and set the place on fire. As the party gets info full swing Zack’s friends become possessed by the same demon curse and are out for blood.

Starring: Tom Clear, Karl Kennedy Williams, Tuula Costelloe, Lewis Saunderson, Jamie Langlands, Sarah Harkins, Chloe Oram, Judson Vaughan, Stephanie Hazel, and Gil Sutherland.

Written and directed by: Richard Anthony Dunford

P.O.V. has been released in the UK on VOD via

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