Saturday, May 30, 2015

HELL TOWN Wins at Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest

Hell Town, USA—The soap-opera slasher HELL TOWN won Best Feature and Best Actress for Amanda Deibert at Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest in Charleston, SC.

Cult icon Debbie Rochon was in the audience and commented, “Hell Town… Takes what’s hot and flips it on its head… To me it’s like a work of art. You can’t pigeon hole it into any particular category. It’s unique, it stands on its own. And that’s so awesome, smart.”

“We hellions are thrilled and honored,” co-director Steve Balderson says of the wins.  “To be the best of the fest is an honor.  Crimson Screen is an awesome festival and I can’t wait to return – even if I have nothing to screen.”

Crimson Screen was complete with open coffin on the red carpet, so attendees could climb in for a twist on the step and repeat.

Here, Owen Lawless (nominated for Best Actor in HELL TOWN) and Amanda Deibert climb in together:

Amanda Deibert sits with fellow winner Debbie Rochon:

Awards with Steve Balderson with Amanda Deibert, and Owen Lawless:

Steve Balderson and Debbie Rochon celebrate (in a very unique way that we aren’t exactly sure about):

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