Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Scares: "The Last Dinner"

Today’s Sunday Scares features a special dinner served with a twist…

This darkly dramatic tale revolves around three individuals; Tina, Jonathon and Emily. It begins with Jonathon arriving to a dinner with Tina. As the dinner begins Tina finds out that there are secrets that Jonathon must share with her. These secrets lead to revelations about Jonathon and Tina's relationship, and so much more. "The Last Dinner" is a weird, disturbing and sometimes comedic look at a relationship gone wrong, very wrong.

Starring: Karina Noelle, Daniel Lupa-Chazan, and Ruthann Thompson

Written and directed by: Steve Lanthripp


For more information, please follow writer/director Steve Lanthripp on Twitter!

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