Saturday, May 2, 2015

Something with Blood in the Title

Blood!  Blood!  Blood!

They crave it.  They desire it.  They scream for it.

Something with Blood in the Title is a collection of horror stories, murder poems, and creepypasta written by Khurt Khave (redundantly listed here, on his own site, so that the google bots can find and devour his electronic soul).  There are devils and angels, ghosts and faeries, sex, drugs, violence, and a little rock and roll.  It's all about burning churches and killing cops.  A twist of Victorian Poe, some biopunk body horror, and of course a touch of Lovecraft thrown in; after all, I am the head priest of the First United Church of Cthulhu.  Dozens of pictures and illustrations add to the madness and chaos!

What good this life without some tentacle action?

And, oh yeah, zombies, (super)naturally.  Can't forget the Girlfriend of the Living Dead.  Goodness knows she won't forget you.  Until she's finished.

Don’t wait… click the pic and get your copy today…

Khurt Khave is also the author of:

A Steampunk Guide to Tea Dueling -- steampunk game guide
Chainsaw Alice in Wonderland -- steampunk horror novel
Womanarchy -- poetry and art
Something with Blood in the Title -- horror anthology
Penny Dreadfuls card game

Find out more about these title and author Khurt Khave at:

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