Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Halloween Hot Sauce

From his home at Moonlit Hill Mortuary & Cemetery, Victor "The Undertaker" unearths these ghastly hot sauces! Rumored to have been made from peppers grown on cemetery grounds and fertilized by the festering corpses therein, these tangy, flavorful hot sauces deliver a truly haunting experience!

Halloween Hot Sauce creates high-quality, homemade, Halloween-themed hot sauce products sealed in handmade cedar coffins.

-Each hot sauce is carefully prepared by hand from my own personal recipes.
-Each bottle is filled and labeled by hand.
-I personally build each and every coffin by hand.
-The coffins are lovingly stuffed with "mausoleum moss" and a few novelty maggots.
-Each bottle is topped with a scrap of "burial cloth" and secured with a bloody toe-tag!

Check out some of the sauces…

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