Monday, May 4, 2015

Cannibal Fog

Cannibal Fog is a lighthearted approach to many taboo subjects. Sexual addiction, religion and morality, and the eroticism of food, and of course, cannibalism. While the story is indeed dark themed, it is much less a horror film then a dark humored drama. Cannibal Fog will be shot as one film in three acts. In act one we meet Michael, a troubled man with many issues with religion, sexual addiction, and a wish to be someone he is not. We are introduced to Albin, precisely the type of man Michael wishes to be.

In act two we delve deep into the world of Albin, who takes Michael under his wing.
In act three we watch Michaels world transform under Albin's guidance and begin to understand the true meaning of “Cannibal Fog.”

Starring: Malte Aronsson, Linus Karlgren, and Kim Sønderholm

Directed by: Jonas Wolcher

Written by: Brian Bell, and Jonas Wolcher

"Cannibal Fog is a finely mixed, jangling masterpiece of humanity masquerading as merry mayhem. Everything from the mise-en-scène through to the camera motion underpins its metaphors and while it has extremely strange cinematic flavours, there’s definitely room for more."

"an arthouse mix of exploitation/experimental character study. The ability of Wolcher to explore the darker side of human eroticism, and morbidity with such open candor shows real talent and passion for film making and story telling... Watch this one with an open mind, and a desire to indulge in something bizarre."

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