Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Secret Life of H.P. Lovecraft

In this harrowing confession H.P. Lovecraft reveals the genesis of his Cthulhu mythos in all its striking detail.

From such standards as "Dagon" and "Herbert West - Reanimator," up through such classics as "The Call of Cthulhu" and At the Mountains of Madness, the master storyteller sheds light on his dark inspirations and the backgrounds thereof.

Will you accept his invitation?

"Are you a searcher like I was, I wonder? A student of dream and myth? Of histories archaic? Do you have a love of the night sky? The ancient ruin? The unquiet grave? Are you discontented with a world dissected by science, nailed down by theories and figures, bled of possibility? If so, then perhaps you are fated to know the truth. I feel it is my duty to warn you, however; your life will be forever altered by the reading of this account. From here there is no turning back. You will have tapped into a new current, cursed and blessed both to see the world behind the world—or rather the world for what it truly is.

"Do you dare to explore the unplumbed, atavistic depths of the buried mind? To return to a more base, superstitious form of consciousness? To look upon the night sky with new eyes and see it not as dead end but rather as doorstep?

"Should you be so inclined, I recommend you steel yourself for what lies beyond. Be forewarned."

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