Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Journey to Hell Every Horror Fan has been Waiting for..."The Passage"

Filmmaker Anthony Altamura Opens The Passage

The Journey to hell every horror fan has been waiting for...
'The Passage' 

Somewhere in all of us lies the fear of staring Evil in its face. But what happens when you cannot turn and run away from it? The Passage brings the terrifying answer to that question directly to the viewer in an experience that will linger after the credits have rolled. 

An ill fated man named Michael tries to escape the grasp of the Devil himself.
He soon realizes there is no escaping his journey through the dark. 

Writer/Director Anthony Altamura is preparing to film the final product of this horrifying story come November.
Check out the indie gogo campaign Altamura and his team at Nightmare Film Crew have launched
Help Raise Hell...


Justin Colon - Michael
Kristen Doscher - Daisy
Victoria Ng - Demon In Red
Bryden Di Gennaro - The Devil
Judith Anna Di Donato - Future Daisy
Richard Sacher - Future Michael

Anthony Altamura - Writer/Director/Cinematographer
Michael Nicholas Wolf - Art Director
Michael Barone - Executive Producer
Amedeo Barone - Producer/Co-Writer
Justin Manas - Score Composer
Christopher Mas - Sound


  1. It is said in scriptures that heaven and hell are not in the other world or other life. They are always present in this world in the life of man. Every man, who had made his life Hell due to his ignorance of the reality, has a chance to make his life Heaven by the proper understanding of the reality.


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