Thursday, August 6, 2015

Grin and Other Short Stories for the Bored and Easily Amused

My name is Kirk Brainard and I’m a big horror fan. Love it Love it. I have a lovely wife Dolores and 2 cats Sally and Slim. I’ve lost my job so I thought I would get rid of some of the demons I had stored in my sick little head I also have a short attention span and don’t like to read big long books. I like stories that get to the point …..and here they are. I hope you enjoy them. I plan on making another short book of stories if people want more I got more …….plenty of sick ideas still to uncover.

Check out the these pair of reviews…

"I like Kirk`s style. They have a kind of modern day campfire story feel to them. The illustrations are very nice, (similar to Edward Gorey). Can't wait for future books."  

"Great stories! I look forward to more from this author. Written with humor and a touch of bizarre. Highly recommend!"

Don’t wait…click the pic and start reading today…

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