Monday, August 10, 2015

'Bride of Ha-Ha! Horror' Coming Soon

Award winning author/artist Monstermatt Patterson has a new book coming this fall. It's a sequel to "Ha-Ha! Horror" and is called "Bride of Ha-Ha! Horror." The book has over 500 Bad Monster Jokes and a number of cartoons. It is being published by Mystery&Horror LLC. 

The book will poke fun at films like "Hellraiser," "The Stand", "Cat People" and many more , plus standards like the Universal Monsters. Here's some examples of what you can expect...

Which Cenobite wants to compete on "Dancing With the Stars?”

" Dr. Cha-Cha-CHANNARD!"

What is Tom Cullen's favorite book?

"Goodnight, M-O-O-N!" Laws, yes.

What film do the Cat People like?

"La Femme Ni-KITTEN!" 

What kind of guitar does Dracula like?

The kind with a "Double Neck!" 

Joining in on the fun, are horror personalities to roast Monstermatt's brand of humor. 

Julie Adams-"The Creature From the Black Lagoon"
John Amplas-"Creepshow"
Sean Whalen-"The People Under the Stairs"
Charles Band - Full Moon Entertainment 

and more, take swings at the corny humor that's coming your way. Providing the Foreword and Afterword are "Return to Nuke 'Em High's" Zac Amico and Justin A. Martell, respectively. 

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