Friday, August 7, 2015

Sins of Man: Rise of Mortis

A serial killer strikes a small Maine town as a girl struggles to deal with her tragic past.

A serial killer strikes the small town of Sandy Creek Maine as a group of recent High School graduates leave on a camping trip that they'll never forget if they survive!

The story centers around a girl who has had a rough life she's dealing with a great loss in her life and just when she thinks she's doing better Wham! Her world is turned upside down in the blink of an eye and she on a downward spiral that she may never recover from. 

Starring: Bridgett Keith, Adam Ewing, and Billie-Jean Messier

Written and directed by: Jamie S. Santamore

Please click here, and help them bring this film to horror fans! Not only will you be supporting the film, but…

“I firmly believe in the concept of "Pay it forward" and this campaign is no different as we are raising money to get our film released into the world I want to GIVE BACK not just to our contributors with perks but to people allover and I feel the best way for myself and Wicked Carnival Productions to do that is by donating a percentage of each dollar donated from this campaign as well as a percentage of each DVD to charities that I am very passionate about. 


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