Friday, August 14, 2015

Murder Red Ink

"Murder Red Ink, is fast moving and the reader needs to think on their feet. Don't try and get ahead of the author because you can't do it."

"Wonderful novel, tantalizing plot and theories, and another great story from this author. Keep 'em coming!"

"Murder Red Ink delivered on plot and characters. This book was creepy and suspenseful. It will have you sleeping with the night light on. Looking forward to his followup work."

"This was my first Mord McGhee story, and I felt like I was missing a private joke to some extent. This is a gripping story that makes you ponder what you think you know about the Ripper. Now I gotta go back and read McGhee's other work."

"Parts of it are very creepy and disturbing. Kind of a Thomas Harris feel to them. I actually put the book down once with a shudder and walked away. Got a drink of water and came right back because I wanted to know what was going to happen next. No, I didn't just want to know... I HAD to know!"

So what's this creepy and disturbing book about...



MURDER RED INK is nominee for and Horror Novel of the Year and is a terrifying, stomach churning exploration into the 1888 Whitechapel serial killer known today as Jack the Ripper.  Everything you thought you knew about JACK THE RIPPER, JFK, and MODERN HISTORY is sliced from ear to ear by the twisted mind of this "refreshing author to watch!"

Something's gone wrong with PoltergeistG2. Erich is reliving the past, his sleep tormented by nightmares so real... so horrifying that he is willing to walk away and never look back. But the Ripper has other ideas. 

Allena's grandfather was a modern day monster responsible for killing the innocent and selling their organs on the black market. She wants nothing to do with him, but the Ripper has other ideas...

MURDER RED INK is a mind-bending sci-horror novel that gives a stunning voice to the past and shapes the future into something darker than the elder gods of H. P. Lovecraft or the Yellow King of Ambrose Bierce.

This is a must read…please click the pic and get your copy…

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