Tuesday, August 11, 2015

In Black

Chase Little thought he’d been hired to do some painting, but when the paint dried, it created a black void that leads to a dungeon. Appalled yet fascinated, he flees, burning down the house and stealing the inky liquid. Fearing that he will be arrested for arson, Chase and his girlfriend Leah flee to the rundown town of Needles in the Mojave Desert.

Leah soon disappears, leaving him alone, learning too late of the true nature of the black paint and the evil that lies beyond the veil of darkness it creates. He was warned about the black paint, but didn’t listen. Now he has to find and destroy it before more innocent lives succumb to its unfathomable darkness. 

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"I received the book on Thursday and read it by Friday cause I couldn't put it down…I was cringing and reading with hope for many characters, but by the end I realized I was going to have trouble sleeping while pondering the conclusion. It's a creative, imaginative spin on.........(I won't give it away) I would recommend for any who enjoy horror, thriller, suspense, mystery;)"

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About the author:

Robert Essig is the author of the novel People of the Ethereal Realm and Through the In Between, Hell Awaits, as well as over fifty short stories and two novellas. His short fiction has been published in venues such as DOA II (Blood Bound Books), Fear the Abyss (Post Mortem Press), and Darker Minds (Dark Minds Press). He is a member of the HWA.

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