Thursday, August 13, 2015

Malus Domestica

It's been five years since Robin Martine's father threw her mother Annie off the second-floor balcony and broke her neck.

Five long years since Robin was locked away in a mental hospital for telling the authorities that the murder was caused by a witch. A witch named Marilyn Cutty.

Three years ago, a man named Heinrich Hammer came for her. 

"I'll get you out of here . . . but you'll have to kill."

Now a veteran witch-hunter and YouTube star, Robin has come back to town to settle up with the coven that stole her life from her. But she'll have to fight through Heaven, Hell and everything in between if she wants to free her mother's spirit from Cutty's soul-sucking apple tree and end the witches' reign over the town of Blackfield once and for all.

This book is getting great reviews like these…

"This is an excellent example of the dark fantasy genre, with plenty of scares in there to appeal to true horror readers. The world-building is beautifully executed with interesting foes and not an info-dump in sight. The characters are thoroughly fleshed out and believable with motivations and histories that add to the carefully-paced plot. I couldn't put this book down and found myself being dragged deeper and deeper into this twisted world that just gets more interesting.

That all comes together to form an engaging, thrilling, dark, and twisted read that will drag in those who love Steven King and related authors."

"The best way I can summarize this book is Salem's Lot had a love child with both Jack Reacher and Supernatural. It is a mix of dark fantasy, horror, and occult in the best way possible.”

“This book didn't take long to become a favorite. If you have any interest in dark fiction, occult, or anything along the lines of Supernatural, then you definitely need to check this one out."

"I can't recommend Malus Domestica highly enough for fans of modern horror and thrillers. It's dark, it's meaty, it's satisfying in a way I haven't experienced since NOS4A2. Fingers crossed for a sequel - this novel deserves it."

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