Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Bloody Jug Band Exhumes New Music Video - “BEAUTIFUL CORPSE”

ORLANDO, FL.:  Central Florida based horror/folk act The Bloody Jug Band would like for you to meet the “Beautiful Corpse.” Based on the latest single from the recently released album, ‘Rope Burn’, music fans can see the band’s newest music video, for one of the albums most ground-breaking songs.

Synopsis: Follow a young mortuary makeup artist as she finds romance in the most unlikeliest of places.

Drawing inspiration from historic JUG bands of the 1920’s and 30’s as well as the darker side of Blues and Rock n’ Roll, the Bloody Jug Band carves out its own niche in a genre of music that has never seen such a bloody incarnation. They have teamed up again with Steven Shea and Abyssmal Entertainment for the 3rdtime with this video outing.

The music video is available here:

The video was directed and edited by Steven Shea, produced by Randy Molnar and Melissa Gruver and shot by Chris McDaniel. The project was produced by Abyssmal Entertainment ( and shot in Orlando, FL.

The video stars cosplay model and actress LeeAnna Vamp (host of I Love Nerd Girls and Fiends Forever) and J. LaRose (Saw III & IV, Insidious I & II)

Company Info: Abyssmal Entertainment was founded in 2002 by Beautiful Corpse Director Steven Shea, with the aspirations of making an impact on the independent horror market.  Abyssmal Entertainment has produced feature films "Hoodoo For Voodoo", "Andre the Butcher", “Deadly Weekend”, “DoomsdayCounty” and “Rockabilly Zombie Weekend.” They have produced Music Videos for acts such as The Crazy Carls, Of Valleys, Prita Chhabra, The Attack, Stiletto Red, Summer Day Rescue, and of course, the Bloody Jug Band.

More information can be found at their Official Website

Band Official Website:
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Production Company Site:

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