Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dark House Theater

We're a new theater company dedicated to producing work that explores themes of terror, suspense, and the supernatural. I'm Brian Williams, one of the Founding members, and Artistic Director. My Co-Founder and partner in this endeavor, Scot Gianelli, is the Managing Director of the group. We met while working at a theater festival in New York state and we bonded over a shared love of scary movies and good theater. With our friend Jack O'Brien as Producer, we founded Dark House Theater this past winter.  

Our first show goes up this September. It's a horrifying comedy called SLASHER. Written by Allison Moore, the dark comedy explores the making of a Slasher film. SLASHER has it all: thrills, chills, laughter, pretty girls, a terrifying villain with a juicy back story, and a bathtub full of blood. But bathtubs full of blood don't come cheap; hell in New York City, nothing does, so we're asking for your help.

We want to keep you on the edge of your seat, scare you, and thoroughly entertain you. You're the main reason we do what we do. Dark House Theater will make "populist art." We want people to WANT to come to our shows, so we are going to bust our butts to please our audiences.

For more information, please follow them on Twitter, and “Like” their Facebook page!

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