Thursday, August 6, 2015

2015 Syracuse International Film Festival

2015 Syracuse International Film Festival
Annual October Festival 10/14-18th

Welcome and please get ready for another exciting festival. We have another lineup of great films both domestic and international as well as some special guests who will be joining us this year. The stars will be shining in Syracuse this October!

This year we are making it easier than ever to purchase your tickets and/or festival pass. Although our costs to run the festival have gone up we are keeping the price of your ticket/pass the same as in previous years. We appreciate your support and this is one way we can show it.

All online ticketing is through a secure website. We do not capture or keep any credit card information. We do not share or trade your personal information with anyone else.

To purchase your ticket(s) or festival passes please select one of the following:

Full Festival Pass: Good for all film screening throughout the festival at any location, all receptions and any private meet and greet.
$125.00  Purchase 2 Passes $200.00

Film Pass: Good for all film screening throughout the festival.
$75.00  Purchase 2 Passes $125.00

Weekend Only Film Pass: Good for all film screening on Saturday 10/17 and Sunday 10/18 at any location.

Single Tickets to any film are $10.00 each. Seniors 65+ or Students are $8.00.

Please review the festival films and make your selections. Q&A sessions will follow many of the films but not all.

Anyone who posts the ticket link to their Facebook page or Tweets it will get a special 5% discount on their purchase. Share the news and save.

Wednesday 10/14/15, 7:30PM, Palace Theater $10.00 $8.00
Film – Wildrose, Special guest appearance Tom Bower, Honorary Board President

Thursday 10/15/15, 7:00PM, Palace Theater $10.00 $8.00
Film – The Mark of Zorro, Silent film with original score and live music.

Friday 10/16/15, 7:00PM, Palace Theater
Film – A Sea Change. Tickets purchased separately through environmental group. All ticket sales are donate by the festival to support that group.

Friday 10/16/15, 9:15PM, Palace Theater    $10.00 $8.00
Film – Everly, Special guest appearance Joe Lynch

Friday 10/16/15, 6:30PM, Genesee Grande Hotel $10.00 $8.00
Film – Italy

Friday 10/16/15, 8:30PM, Genesee Grande Hotel $10.00 $8.00
Film – Argentina

Saturday 10/17/15, 12:00PM, Everson Museum $10.00 $8.00
Carol & David Schmuckler New Filmmakers Showcase

Saturday 10/17/15, 2:30PM, Everson Museum $10.00 $8.00
Imaging & Disability Showcase Honoring Doug Bilken

Saturday 10/17/15, 10:00AM, Palace Theater $10.00 $8.00
Disney Presents, Talk and film clips by Tom MacDougall, Film – Wreck It Ralph with a Q&A

Saturday 10/17/15, 1:00PM, Palace Theater $10.00 $8.00
Film –

Saturday 10/17/15, 3:30PM, Palace Theater $10.00 $8.00
Film –

Saturday 10/17/15, 7:15PM, Palace Theater $10.00 $8.00
Film – House of Wishes (4 episodes), Special guest appearance by Haim Bouzaglo

Saturday 10/17/15, 9:30, Palace Theater $10.00 $8.00
Film – Call Me Lucky, Special guest appearance by Bobcat

Saturday 10/17/15, 12:00, Palace Theater $10.00 $8.00
Film – God Bless America, Late night screening

Saturday 10/17/15, 6:30PM, Genesee Grande Hotel $10.00 $8.00
Film –

Saturday 10/17/15, 8:30PM, Genesee Grande Hotel $10.00 $8.00
Film –

Sunday 10/18/15, 12:00PM, Everson Museum $10.00 $8.00
Film – Chinese

Sunday 10/18/15, 2:30PM, Everson Museum $10.00 $8.00
Film – Italy

Sunday 10/18/15, 1:30PM, Palace Theater $10.00 $8.00
Film –

Sunday 10/18/15, 3:30PM, Palace Theater $10.00 $8.00
Film –

Sunday 10/18/15, 6:30PM, Palace Theater $10.00 $8.00
Film –

Sunday 10/18/15, 1:30PM, Jewish Community Center $10.00 $8.00
Film – The Farwell Party

Sunday 10/18/15, 3:30PM, Jewish Community Center $10.00 $8.00
Film –  Zero Motivation

Sunday 10/18/15, 1:00PM, Le Moyne College $10.00 $8.00
Social Justice Showcase – Limited seating.
Film – Stink 

Sunday 10/18/15, 3:00PM, Le Moyne College $10.00 $8.00
Social Justice Showcase – Limited seating.
Film – Fractured Land

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