Friday, July 3, 2015

Walker Stalker Con Orlando: In Review

Walker Stalker Con Orlando took place June 27 and 28th at the Orange County Convention Center. After only five minutes of being there, I realized this was the convention to be at. There were the obvious reasons like a chance to meet cast members from ‘The Walking Dead,’ but also because of how well organized it was. That only made the experience so much better than other conventions I’ve been to. So what did I experience? Well lets start with an awesome guest list that included cast members from ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Lost,’ and ‘Gotham.’ Here’s a look at a few faces you might recognize…

Steven Yeun

Scott Wilson

Our photo op pic with Nestor Carbonell

Nestor signing our photo op pic

Scott Wilson’s autograph

Each guest had their own area to sign and take pictures with fans. All of the guests we met were so nice. They were easy to talk to, and seemed very thankful for all of the support from fans. Scott even had some fun at David’s expense in the picture (above) that he signed. Here’s a look at a few more guests interacting with fans…

Greg Nicotero

Lawrence Gilliard Jr.

David Morrissey
Harold Perrineau with Lawrence behind him

You can see even the guest had some time to visit with each other like in the above picture! When fans weren’t meeting their favorite guests, there were plenty of other things to do like watching guest panels like... 

‘Forgive and Forget?: Scott Wilson & David Morrissey’ 

‘Forgive and Forget?: Scott Wilson & David Morrissey,’ 

‘Gotham: Robin Lord Taylor, Sean Pertwee, David Mazouz, and Drew Powell’

There were plenty of awesome vendors, and artists to check out. The artists were top notch with some amazing work. The vendors had unique items that were a must have. Don’t miss the Rick Grimes bathrobe below…

To my surprise, they had a RV like the one on the show that you could take a tour of. It made for a great photo op along with other spots like...

Overall, Walker Stalker Con Orlando was an A+ convention. It was so well organized, and had plenty of security and volunteers. The guests were such a pleasure to meet, as they couldn’t have been happier to be surrounded by fans. The photo op experience was so easy because your photos were almost instantly ready. There was just enough to do when not meeting your favorite guests. I strongly recommend that you visit this convention if it comes to a city near you. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention…

Unfortunately that is about as close as I could get to him. Here’s another recommendation... buy their VIP tickets if you want to meet Norman! The line for him was insane! Their special ticket packages will save you time especially for someone like Norman!


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