Tuesday, July 14, 2015

More Exciting News from UK Indie, Soldiers of the Damned

Release Date Announced! New DVD artwork unveiled! New “making of” Featurette!

Safecracker Pictures will be releasing Soldiers of the Damned on DVD and Digital on the 17th August.

It’s the Eastern Front, 1944. The Russians are pushing the German Army back through Romania. Major Kurt Fleischer, war-weary commander of an elite troop of German soldiers, is ordered to escort a female scientist into a mysterious forest behind enemy lines to retrieve an ancient relic. As his men begin to disappear in strange circumstances Fleischer realises that the scientist is part of Himmler’s occult department and there is something in the forest that is far more deadly than the Russians.

The film has now got fantastic new DVD artwork to be used for the upcoming release. DVD extras include a thirty minute “making of” documentary, three featurettes and an isolated score by music composers, Tug.

Producer Stephen Rigg says: “Safecracker Pictures have done an amazing job on the UK release of Soldiers of the Damned. The DVD looks brilliant and they have gained blanket coverage of the film across all digital platforms. ”

Gordon Birchley from Safecracker said: “We are all very excited about the Soldiers of the Damned release. We’re booking in a limited theatrical release prior to the DVD/Digital release date which will give the UK audience a chance to see it up on the big screen.”

Director Mark Nuttall: “The reviews of the film have been fantastic. It’s especially gratifying from a director’s point of view for reviewers to praise the authenticity and visual quality of the battle sequences in the film. This is something we tried hard to achieve and it’s great for that to be recognized.”

The team at Blackdog/Viking have also released a featurette called “What’s the story?” that includes interviews with the main cast and crew, who talk about the storyline and how it was inspired by actual events.

Producer Stephen Rigg added “We are hoping to release more materials in the coming months to whet the appetites of those fans of war themed horror films, and we post regular updates on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/SOTDfilm

There is also more information on our website: www.soldiersofthedamned.com

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