Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cemetery Things

For readers of the truly macabre and disturbing comes a tale of supernatural evil

For one hundred years, The Devil's Graveyard has been a place of horror, gruesome murders, and terrible mutilations. For too long have the locals allowed this place to take their loved ones. But one murder too many causes action.

The death of a teenager spurs his family and the local authorities into action. Armed with little more than myth and superstition, the time for a showdown is long overdue. 

This book is getting great reviews like…

"In Cemetery Things, Keith Latch has created a tight and tense supernatural thriller with elements of survival horror and torture that is sure to please horror fans of all persuasions. His cast of characters is believable and his atmosphere is suitably terrifying. Pick up the trade paperback or the eBook and check it out for yourself!"

"For a debut novel it doesn't get any better than this. Latch gives us a ride through hell and back in Cemetery Things with interesting characters and a town full of disturbing history and even more disturbing villians--Crenshaw Poe is one vile creature that would make even Jack the Ripper nervous. I'm looking forward to seeing where this Ungodly Saga goes from here."

"This author should be on a best seller list!!!!! This is a 2 hour book but it felt longer. You are able to identify with all of the characters and really start to hope they make it. This book is gruesome and you can totally see this really happening in some country town somewhere. Really great read!!!!!!!!"

"I truly delighted in perusing this book. Keith Latch, the writer, has a method for making his characters appear like genuine individuals and the book has a decent harmony in the middle of ghastliness and sentiment."

"This book has everything I like in a story. Ghoulish ghastlies! Seriously, this book scared the crap out of me. There were some incredibly terrifying moments.”

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