Monday, July 13, 2015

"Other Halves" BTS Interview with Actor Carson Nicely ("Conan O'Brien Show")

Actor Carson Nicely on Playing “The Perfect Boyfriend” in horror film “Other Halves”

Other Halves, the horror film about the last dating app you’ll ever use, released a behind-the-scenes interview with actor & poster boy Carson Nicely (The Conan O'Brien ShowThe Damned Thing) . Carson plays Mike, who not only has perfectly chiseled abs, but also enjoys cooking and is emotionally sensitive to needs of his girlfriend Beth (Megan Hui,The Before Time).  Watch Carson explain his character’s motivations (& take his shirt off a few times for good measure).

Watch the Behind-the-Scenes video here:

Other Halves stars Lauren Lakis (HybridsGun Woman) and Mercedes Manning (Strictly Sexual, Zipper) as programmers who develop a revolutionary new dating app called Other Halves. On the night before the app is set to launch, they discover it causes strange side effects: users lose all self-control, becoming amoral, lascivious, violent... evil. They consider shutting the app down, but...


The Red-Band Trailer recently debuted to much acclaim.  Two previous teasers gave us a clever glimpse of the evil properties of the app, the first disguised as a “Start-Up Investor Pitch” and the second teaser announcing the “Public Beta” of the revolutionary dating app.  “Other Halves” will make you think twice before you swipe right.

Other Halves, from One Oh One Radio Pictures, is the feature film debut for director and co-writer Matthew T. Price, and co-writer Kelly Morr.

The film is being produced by Curt Chatham, and also stars Lianna Liew (Truth Or Dare), Sam Schweikert (Hart of Dixie), and Melanie Friedrich (Positive: Some Doors Should Remain Closed).

Carson and all the Other Halves actresses and filmmakers, are available for press interviews, podcast appearances, and guest blogs.  Respond to for any press inquiries.

You can follow the production on their website, or on IMDB. You can also follow the film on Facebook, Twitter (@OtherHalvesFilm), and Instagram (@OtherHalvesFilm).

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